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Finish Options for Lightcrafters Wall Lights

Lightcrafters builds custom, affordable wall lighting in Austin, Texas, typically from copper or stainless steel. Mica or art glass diffusers create unique lighting suitable for any indoor or outdoor space. Ideal for theater room lighting, restaurants, home or office offered in various styles including Southwest, Arts & Crafts and Contemporary.


 Oil Rubbed Bronze

Our most popular finish! Featured below as the Window Box Wall Sconce in Oil Rubbed Bronze with Water Glass diffuser:




Burned Copper

Featured below as the Burned Copper Ziggurat Wall Sconce Light, top, middle and bottom layers are Burned Copper finish and layers 2 & 4 are Edge Burned Copper finish:

Antique Copper

antique-copper-sample.jpg  medium.antique-102-7x17.jpg


Dark Antique Copper


Light Antique Copper (Custom Order Only)

Featured below as Simple Punched Copper Wall Light Sconce in light antique copper, Call us at 866-458-5406 or Click Here to inquire about this finish on any of our sconces.

Medium Antique Copper (Custom Order Only)

Featured below as Shadow Mountain Wall Sconce in medium antique copper, Call us at 866-458-5406 or Click Here to inquire about this finish on any of our sconces.



Mottled Copper

Featured below as Floating Glass Wall Sconce Light with Frosted Glass Diffuser:

Raw Copper

The copper fixtures are typically sealed with an industrial lacquer for lasting beauty.  They will not continue to patina unless you choose raw copper or ask us to forego the sealer. Featured below as the Half Cylinder Wall Sconce Light:


 Beautiful painted black finish over copper. Featured below in painted black finish as the Half Cylinder Wall Sconce Light:

Stainless Steel

Featured below as the Banded Wall Sconce Light  in Stainless Steel with a White Moire Diffuser:


Burned Edge Copper

Amazing way to create a unique look for you home or business. Featured below as the Three Tiered Ziggurat Wall Light with the burned copper edge finish band over a dark antique copper cylinder:


Lightcrafters offers a large variety of glass or mica diffusers as custom options.

Glass Diffusers

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass

Water Glass

Water Glass

Seeded Glass

Seeded Glass

Clear Glass

Clear Glass

Amber Iridized Glass

Amber Iridized Glass


Other Diffusers

Amber Mica

Amber Mica

Grey Mica

Grey Mica


Nomex Mica

Painted Nomex

Painted Nomex Mica


Violet Mica

White Moire

White Moire Mica

Clear Moire

Clear Moire Mica


Purple Mica


Green Mica

Lime Green

Lime Green Mica


Orange Mica


Red Mica


Aqua Mica