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  • The Slat wall sconce displays a great pattern on your wall when water glass is chosen.  We can even make it with water glass on the sides and another glass on the face as a custom order.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Dark Antique Copper finish with Water Glass.  Day and Night View.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Stainless steel finish with water glass.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - shown in antique copper finish and hammered glass
  • Slat Wall Sconce - in raw copper with water glass.  This finish will patina over time.  It is not sealed.  All other finishes are sealed.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Bronze finish with water glass.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Stainless Steel finish with Frosted Glass
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Antique Copper finish with Frosted Glass
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Antique Copper finish with Frosted Glass lighted.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Antique Copper finish with Frosted Glass lighted on wall.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Dark antique copper finish with frosted glass. XS and S options have 2 slats only.
  • Image 12
  • Small &  XS Slat wall sconces have a single bulb facing downwards and two panes of glass.  Larger sconces have a duplex socket with one bulb facing upwards, another facing downwards.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - XS and S options have 2 slats only.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Antique copper finish and water glass. Many use this exterior wall light on porches and decks.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Custom option. Stainless Steel finish. If you look closely you will see that we have frosted glass on the face and water glass on the sides.  This gives a contemporary look to this wall sconce and provides a very handsome display of light on the sides at night.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Amber iridized art glass combined with bronze copper finsh.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - Nice use of exterior wall sconce lighting on narrow columns.
  • Slat Wall Sconce - This wall light works on many different styles of architecture.  Shown here with black frit and streamer glass.
  • #102S small "Slat" sconce.  Great addition to the larger Slat sconces where your proportions are smaller.  Often used on back porches or side doors, narrow areas and such.  Available in all finishes and diffusers.
  • Mottled copper and water glass

Slat Wall Sconce Light

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Product Description

Copper and glass entrance lights

Our slat wall sconce is one of our most popular exterior wall light fixtures. This wall sconce provides an ample amount of light forwards, up and down with little glare due to the placement of the bulbs behind the slats. Glare is my pet peeve! The Slat Wall Sconce is easily customized to fit any space. Consider making it very tall and narrow, or short and boxy. There is a nominal charge (if any) for custom sizes.  Additionally we manufacture post lanterns, pendants, flush mount fixtures and mailboxes to coordinate.  We can make these high quality custom fixtures in stainless steel or copper with your choice of finishes and diffusers.  Located by the ocean?  Our solid copper light fixtures hold up well in harsh environments. Can be designed horizontally through custom order.

The copper fixtures are typically sealed with an industrial lacquer for lasting beauty.  They will not continue to patina unless you choose raw copper or ask us to forego the sealer. All Lightcrafters lighting mounts to any standard junction box in minutes.

Having trouble seeing the finish options and/or diffuser options on our website? Check out our expanded finish options page.

Shipped within three weeks.  Rush orders can generally be accommodated. Does not come with light bulbs. 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Choosing LED vs incandescent bulbs: Generally speaking, LED bulbs are preferable over incandescent bulbs. Here are a few considerations:

  • Use LED bulbs when the light will be utilized for a significantly.  Due to the initial cost of the bulb, the financial advantage is diminished when the lamp is used infrequently.
  • Clear and omni-directional bulbs are key to getting interesting patterns thru the sides of the fixtures as shown on our website.
  • LED bulbs often do not play nicely with dimmers.  They may flicker and/or not dim as low as incandescent bulbs. Be sure to use the bulb manufacturer’s suggested dimmer.
  • Incandescent bulbs present no issues when it comes to dimming. 

See more variations here:  Slat Variations

Have a custom size or design in mind? We specialize in custom orders! Call us at 512-458-5406 or Click Here. Send us an image or a logo or whatever and we will create a wall sconce just for you.  

Customer Testimonial by Darien
It's been a while since I've had such personal care from a supplier, especially one selling a product I found online. Kent obviously puts a lot of care into his products, but also into the confirmations and correspondence around the orders (we ordered 2 sconces initially, then placed a 2nd order to finish off our exterior). The specific products are his #102 Slat Wall Sconces, and in raw copper and diffused frosted glass they are lovely accents to our contemporary deck home. We'd highly recommend Kent and Lightcrafters.

Customer Testimonial by Bob Livermore, Houston
Kent We have had many great comments about the entry lights and driveway pedestal light you all did for us. (Slat fixtures, #102) So, thanks so much for that. Now we are thinking about a sort of matching indoor hall entry light that would hang from a 30’ entry ceiling in the foyer. What would you recommend? Would probably need to be at least 48” high and at least 36” wide or diameter and hung from a single chain.

Customer Testimonial by TTT - SF, CA
Lightcrafters: A rare find. Our modest residential project included interior and exterior lighting. Ultimately, we bought 3 different contemporary styles (Translucent Cone sconce, Floating Glass II, and Flat Slat Sconce). After months of searching local 'custom' shops and online retailers in search of something that "makes a statement"; I found LIGHTCRAFTERS. Website has good level of detail on sizes, options, finishes, customization options. Phone and Email help was very effective and provided for numerous questions on the materials.  Kent was always patient with our many questions.  I could not be more pleased with the custom light fixtures they created for us.  The whole process was great... design help, quality construction, timely delivery, care in packaging and even the price.  Lightcrafters is the whole package.  Two thumbs way up!





Warranty Information

5 Year Warranty

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