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The Truth about Wall Sconces

Jan 28th 2017

In the many years Lightcrafters has been producing handcrafted custom wall lights and wall sconces for the Austin community and beyond, the biggest question that has arisen deals with the very definition of our craft: What is a sconce? Some people may think it’s a delicious pastry. Other people might say it’s a type of dance. No matter what the word may sound like, we’re here to clear the air once and for all. A sconce is the fixture that is attached to a wall and holds the light source in place. Think of it as a case that holds the lightbulb. Early versions of wall sconces held candles but were used for the same purpose: to light a room and to look good and stylish. Wall sconces typically have designs and are crafted to fit a customer’s preferences. We are capable of producing several different types of sconces, and they can be put into four categories:

Wall sconces can be produced in several ways to look exactly how the customer wants. At Lightcrafters, we are capable of taking any idea for custom lighting and making it a reality. All of our sconces are handcrafted and produced with the utmost care and quality, and we are capable of shipping virtually anywhere in the world. Creating completely customized wall sconces is our passion, and we're always ready for any challenge.