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‚ÄčThe Light Manufacturing Process

Feb 6th 2017

At Lightcrafters we know the idea of locating and purchasing new custom lighting for your home can be overwhelming. There is lots of industry jargon (we cleared up what a wall sconce is), an … read more

The Truth about Wall Sconces

Jan 28th 2017

In the many years Lightcrafters has been producing handcrafted custom wall lights and wall sconces for the Austin community and beyond, the biggest question that has arisen deals with the … read more
Custom Mirror and Wall Sconce

Custom Mirror and Wall Sconce

Posted by Kent Samuelson on Oct 26th 2016

We have a client who loves this burned stainless steel wall sconce so we made him a mirror to match.  We are open to all kinds of projects.  Just ask.

Clear incandescent bulbs vs clear LED bulbs

Posted by Kent Samuelson - President Lightcrafters, Inc. on Jun 22nd 2016

Trying to decide between LED versus incandescent light bulbs?For many years, since 1995, I have espoused the value of using clear incandescent bulbs.  They work great in our punched copper light … read more