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Shadow Mountain Wall Sconce with beveled corners

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The Shadow Mountain wall sconce is named from the Native American symbol for a lake.  It depicts a mountain being reflected in a calm body of water. This Southwest wall sconce is available in two different shapes.  This fixture, #201, is the five sided version which is basically a rectangle with the corners beveled to give it a more streamlined or softer look than a rectangle light fixture does. It's also available in a cylindrical light at this link:  Cylindrical Shadow Mtn

These solid copper wall lights can be used on interior or exterior of your home or office.  For a wet location either a clear lens or a copper top must be added to protect the bulbs.  The addition of a clear lens will still allow light to be emitted both upwards and downwards.  The opaque copper lid will prevent light from going upwards and will qualify these light fixtures for a dark sky compliance rating.

The copper fixtures are typically sealed with an industrial lacquer for lasting beauty.  They will not continue to patina unless you choose raw copper or ask us to forego the sealer. All Lightcrafters lighting mounts to any standard junction box in minutes.

Having trouble seeing the finish options and/or diffuser options on our website? Check out our expanded finish options page.

Does not come with light bulbs. 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Choosing LED vs incandescent bulbs: Generally speaking, LED bulbs are preferable over incandescent bulbs. Here are a few considerations:

  • Use LED bulbs when the light will be utilized for a significantly.  Due to the initial cost of the bulb, the financial advantage is diminished when the lamp is used infrequently.
  • Clear and omni-directional bulbs are key to getting interesting patterns thru the sides of the fixtures as shown on our website.
  • LED bulbs often do not play nicely with dimmers.  They may flicker and/or not dim as low as incandescent bulbs. Be sure to use the bulb manufacturer’s suggested dimmer.
  • Incandescent bulbs present no issues when it comes to dimming. 

Have a custom size or design in mind? We specialize in custom orders! Call us at 512-458-5406 or Click Here. Send us an image or a logo or whatever and we will create a wall sconce just for you.  

Customer Testimonial by Michael B.
We had nothing but a positive experience with Lightcrafters, Inc. I had to telephone them to inquire about the color and power rating of the light fixtures. Customer support was very friendly and professional. My shipment was well packaged and arrived within 3 days of purchase. I am very pleased to recommend Lightcrafters, Inc., to anyone

5 Year Warranty

Lightcrafters, Inc BBB Business Review